Friday, August 22, 2008

One Week Down

The first week of school went off without a hitch. Monday Mason came home with wide eyes and said I had a good day, but Mommy why did you leave me at school for so long? I told him that because he is a big boy now he has to go to school full days instead of half days. He didn't like that answer too much, but I think he will get use to the whole full day thing. Jayden got his hair cut short for football. He looks very handsome, and the girls at his school are noticing him also. I don't know how to feel about that, but I knew it was coming sooner or later. I just wish it would be later. Peyton likes her teacher and is having fun being a 3rd grader. She adapts quickly to new situations, so I think she will do just fine. I start school again on Monday. I went up to the college today to get my books, I ended up spending a small fortune. Why do college books have to cost so much??? I only have 2 classes left after this semester then I will have my degree. It has only taken me a decade or so. I guess all that matters is getting there, not how long it take you. At least that is what I am leading myself to believe.

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day Of School

What a whirl wind morning we had. Mason was up at 6:30 running around the house with his new shoes that I would not let him wear until today. He kept saying I'm so excited, I've been waiting for this day for a long time. Jayden was ambivalent, and careful not to show too much emotion about his excitement for school. I think somewhere deep down inside he was excited to be an 8th grader. Peyton was excited also. She was totally diva-fied for her first day. She was all decked out in her Hanna Montana gear and looking sweet as ever. I could still see her devil horns holding up her halo though. It is a bitter sweet day for me however. As I walked into school with Mason to find where his back pack goes and find his desk, I was holding back the tears. My little buddy who has spent almost every waking hour with me for the past 6 years is now in school full time. Perhaps I am afraid that they are all going to grow up so fast and not need me anymore, perhaps it is the reality that I am getting older too, is what is making my eyes well up with tears. I know one thing for sure though, a new chapter in our lives has begun, and I have a new found freedom with no kids for 8 hours. I'm sure all of my school work will take up that time quickly though. I hope all is well with all of you that are reading this. Take care!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer is almost over

I can't believe that summer is coming to an abrupt halt. The kids all start school on the 18th, and I resume my college classes on the 25th. Jayden has decided to be in football again this year. I think he will be a great asset to the team. He is huge for 13. It's strange for me to see my once little boy has somehow grown into a man over night. He is as tall as me and now weighs 150lbs. Time ticks away so quickly, where does it all go? Peyton is now officially a 3rd grader. She is Miss Social. The phone rings for her more than it does for me. I can just imagine what her teen years will be like. Finally my baby boy Mason is going to be in Kinder garden. I'm happy and yet sad at the same time. My baby is not a baby anymore. Tick tock Tick tock. The perpetual clock will not cease. Josh and I are doing great. December will be our 10th year together, and we are happy. I could'nt of asked for a more loyal and loving husband. Life is good, and we are blessed.