Monday, October 20, 2008

He got a deer!

Ok its official, Josh finally got his first deer. Now I need some deer recipes you guys. He got home about 8:30 last night, and is beat from all the walking and everything that is hunting. I wouldn't know, I like beef and you don't have to kill it yourself. It is nice to have him home again, the kids were about to drive me crazy. I went out on the town Friday night with the girls and had loads of fun. We had a DD, so a bunch of us got plowed. I stayed in bed all Saturday and Peyton was such a sweet heart, she made me chicken noodle soup and Peanut butter and jelly and brought it to me in bed. She has her redeeming moments. Anyway my car had to go into the shop today, something about the radiator, and when we getting it all checked in at the car place, Josh noticed that the front of my van was smashed in. I got hit and run at the bar I guess. I hadn't drove it since Friday morning, and didn't even look at it because I figured all was fine with a DD and all. So that turned out to be a very expensive girls night out. I can't believe I didn't even notice that the front of my car was smashed. That is the Debevec luck. Making me an Owens hasn't changed that rotten Debevec luck. Anyway the moral of the story is always take someone else's car when you plan on going on a girls night out.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We Braved the Elements

Our Deadwood trip was lots of fun. We left of Saturday morning despite the warnings of 2 feet of snow. The roads were a little tricky on the way up especially right outside of Casper and Sun dance, but besides that they were just a little wet. We didn't get to stay at the haunted Bullock Hotel because I accidentally booked the Bullock Express which was a 1 star hotel. So we canceled our reservation there and stayed at the Holiday Inn express, which was a lot nicer. We didn't do too well on Saturday gambling, I think we were down about $500. So we went to bed kind of sad. Then Sunday morning we decided to try our luck again, I hit a jackpot of 1000 quarters, which was about $250, then I hit again for 300 quarters. Josh was playing black jack and walked away with $300, so we didn't leave on check line reserve like always. That was nice. Spearfish canyon was all covered in snow so we did not get to see the beautiful fall colors. I think we were one week too late again this year. It was nice to get away from Casper and the kids for a day. Josh and I barley see each other when we go up to Deadwood because I like the slots and he likes Black Jack, but that is ok. We still had fun. Josh is busy getting all of his stuff together to go hunting. He leaves tomorrow evening and probably wont be back until Sunday evening, unless he gets a deer.
The kids are all doing great and are way too excited about Halloween. Mason is going to be a freaky skeleton and Peyton is going to be a Punk rock vampire with a lip piercing and a nose ring. Jayden is going to be himself, he is too cool to dress up. I will be a witch again, and I'm not sure what Josh will do this year. I volunteered to take two of Peytons friends with us again this year, so im sure it will be an interesting night. Peyton and Jayden now have their very own cell phones. Jayden has never been more popular, and girls are calling him at all hours of the night. Im not sure how to feel about that. Im just happy to see that he is having more of a social life, and not hooked to the X-box as if it were life support.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Fall is my favorite season. Casper is beautiful this time of year. The town is alive with shades of red, orange, yellow and gold. The Mountain is so pretty right now. I wish I could go up there every day just to soak in all of mother natures splendors. Josh and I are going up to South Dakota next weekend for our annual October fest. Spearfish Canyon is awesome this time of year, and we get to be alone without any children for a few days. That hardly ever happens, so we cherish those moments. We are staying at the haunted Bullock Hotel, I hope we see a ghost. The week after that Josh and his friends are going hunting somewhere in the mountains. For the past 4 years he has gone hunting and has never brought home anything but dirty clothes and a hang over. Maybe this year will be his lucky one. Does anyone have any good recipes for deer? I don't even know how to cook it, and how do you get that awful gamy taste out of it? I'm not big on wild game meat, however I ate mo0se at Beki's before and it was pretty good. I'm sort of looking forward to his hunting trip because my friend Marva is going to come over and stay, and she is going to make her famous 7 layer dip, and won-tons. I will be making Indian fry bread and peanut butter fudge. So we will be pigging out and watching chick-flicks, and getting our gossip fix. Sounds fun to me.
Jayden's football season is over, he did great, especially the last 2 games of the year, he kicked butt, and had a great outlook, and lots of team spirit. Thank you Beki for making it to Jayden's game last weekend. It was good to see you. I'm so happy that Julie will be at Beki's for Thanksgiving this year. It will be nice. Remember, Easter at my house. I hope Sybil and Julie will come again. However this year the Easter bunny's will have to be more sneaky, I think the children busted the egg filling festivities last year.
Stay tuned for all the updates on the Dead Wood trip and our haunted hotel experience.