Thursday, November 19, 2009

Snow Man Army

So last weekend I don't know what got into me but I put up the snow men. Not all but some, I even had Josh do some lights. So I guess I will be in the X-mas spirit once again. I'm still looking for a job, however I have an interview on Monday at the Community Outreach Center, being a receptionist. Its a center that places people with IQs under 70 in foster homes and group homes. Its better than nothing, but still not what I want to do. However anything is better than nothing right now. Its kind of in a bad part of town also, the South side. I put the house in Casper up for rent, and I put an add in the Casper paper and on Craig's list. I have gotten more responses from the add on Craig's list. I never checked out Craig's list before, its kind of neat, however stay away from the personal adds. There is some Freaks out there, especially in Colorado Springs. FREAKS!
I'm looking forward to seeing Beki and George next week, they are going to come down for turkey day and to spend some time with us. That will be nice. Cant wait to see some familiar faces.

Friday, November 13, 2009

More Positive Today

It is Friday the 13th Masons Birthday! He is now 7 can you believe that. It is so funny he lost both of his two front teeth in one day. So I guess he could sing that old song all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. So things here have been sort of hard. Finding a job for me is not as easy as I would of hoped. I have gone to all the job services, scoured the paper daily and yes even applied at a crematorium. You know where you burn the dead. So not what I went to college for. The traffic here is crazy, the other day it took me 40 minutes to drive 7.5 miles. Other times its smooth sailing. I'm very home sick, and I miss my friends, and my old house. It is killing us making these two house payments along with all the bills for each. We are so broke it hurts. I'm afraid that if we don't sell that house soon we may have to go into foreclosure and file bankruptcy. I so don't want that, but what do we do, I mean we have to eat. My depression has been out of control, today is the first day in weeks that I have felt like myself. I spent days in bed just crying and sleeping. Its been hard on me moving here. Its hard to except that my house is gone forever. But......I'm trying to stay positive, lets see, the radio stations here kick ass and are so much better that Wyo. I live in a very nice house, my family is still together and even though we are struggling we are still a family. There is a lot to do here if you have money. People here are nice, and marijuana is legal here. (not that I can afford any) So there are some things to look forward to. I am so not in the Christmas spirit this year, can you believe that not one snow man is on display. I know so not like me. I want to boycott the Holidays this year, Bah hum bug.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blah blah blah

I have tried to write a blog post over and over and over again. But it just comes out way to blah blah blah and negative so I have written down some words from a song I love by Seether called Fine Again and it sort of sums up how I am feeling about this life and where Im at right now.

It seems like every days the same and Im left to discover on my own. It seems like everything is gray and theres no color to behold. They say its over and Im fine agin here. Try to stay sober, feels like im dying here. And I am aware now how everythings gonna be fine one day, too late Im in hell. I am prepared now seems everyones gonna be fine one day too late. Just as well.
I feel the dream in me expire and theres no one left to blame it on. I hear you label me a liar cuz I cant seem to get this threw. You say its over I can sigh again here. Why try to stay sober, when im dying here.
If you want to hear the whole song go to myspace/seether.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

Halloween was once again nice and warm. Here are some fun picutres from Last night.