Monday, January 19, 2009

Its Perfect

What can I say, the b-room project ended yesterday and it is fabulous. Very elegant, so modern, and CLEAN. I will post some before and afters when I figure out how to download pictures off of my camcorder. I had to christen it with a candle lit bubble bath last night, I was aiming for some peace and tranquility. However the entire family had to come see what I was doing, I think a dog even made their presence known to me. So my bath did not last long before each kid and the husband was asking if they could take a candle lit bath when I was done. They each got their turn, and each of us loved it. It's a whole new world in there... Now on to the kitchen.

School is back in full force for me and the kids. I had to take accounting over again, I'm not too happy about that. Jayden turns 14 on Thursday the 22, he also gets braces that day also. I don't think he will ever forget his 14 b-day. I think I'm more worried about the whole braces thing than he is. I just know that it will be a fight to get him to brush his teeth as much as he needs to.
Perhaps he will surprise me though. You never know, these kids grow and change every day. Today Mason told me all about Martin Luther King Jr.and all the great things he did to change the laws and make the world a better place. He even talked about segregation and how that was very mean. He must of paid extra attention when the teacher was talking about this. It's amazing how much he has blossomed this year.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We have a shower! Josh is doing an awesome job with the remodel. It's going a lot slower than I would of hoped but we are making steady progress. I think that we will be done with the whole process by the beginning of February, or at least I hope. We still have to put in some new drywall, paint, put in the new sink and toilet, and then do tile, plus trim. It's very tedious but so worth it.

School starts on the 12th for me and the kids. I wish I had one more week off, without the kids. I feel like I need a weeks vacation after dealing with the children for 3 weeks straight. Jayden has been very helpful but Peyt and Mace are constantly at each other, fighting, screaming, yelling, you name it. I can't even leave the room without a battle ensuing. Peyton loves to tease Mason, and she knows just what to say and do to push his buttons, as a matter of fact she likes to push every one's buttons. Lets hope that she gets all of this out of her system before she becomes a teen, if not you all may have to make up your spare bedrooms because I will be visiting, a lot. The Joy of Parenting.