Thursday, December 16, 2010

Little White Lies

We all tell little white lies to our boss our neighbor and our spouces. But when it comes to lying to your spouce do little white lies end up in a giant marriage ruining snowball. I think so. Its even worse when you catch them in a lie, and it underminds everything. Marriage is suppose to be based on trust and love right. Well there is no trust in my relationship. To many white lies have ended up in a giant snow ball packed full of rocks that is getting ready for a landslide. That kind of kills the love. You can say I love you, but do you mean Im still in love with you? Its 2 different things. Perhaps if people would see what was right in front of them they would understand why someone did what they did. Open your eyes to what you have, and dont fucking blame me for all of it. Everyone can see it but you. Get the fuck over it or lets move on. No one is getting any younger here.