Saturday, November 22, 2008

Birthday's, Babies and Pocrastination

I should be working on my 50 page business plan right now, but I figure I have procrastinated it for this long ,what's a few more days. It's due on December 8th and I'm only 7 pages into it, plus I need to put together a 15 minute power point presentation. If you can imagine, I'm pretty stressed right now and I still have to study for finals in three other classes, and finish all the last minute work in those classes too. SO what I'm getting at is I wont be joining you guys for Thanksgiving. Before you sigh that sigh of relief be advised I am sending Josh and all three of the children. Happy Thanksgiving!

It sounds like one of the three sisters has had a hell of a few weeks. Lisa I want you to know that Josh and I are thinking about you and your family and sending you guys all of our prayers and good vibes. Post some pictures of those babies when you get a chance.

Mason turned 6 on November 13, and he had a Bat Man birthday party and invited some of his class mates. He had tons of fun. He is doing so good at school, everyone loves him. The teachers all tell me how cute his is and how much they like having him in their class. He still has to have a little speech therapy because he misuses pro-nouns and jumbles a few words, but other than that he is at the head of his class in most areas.

Peyton wants me to tell Aunt Beki that she is very excited about going to your house, and that she has been saving all of her Smarties for George because they are his favorite. She told me to tell you not to tell George though because its suppose to be a surprise. She has also been working on surprises for all of you.

Josh is busy on the roof today putting up my Christmas lights on the house. I keep him pretty busy around here. Last weekend he put in two new doors, and we went and bought almost everything to redo our bathroom. I say almost because there is always those hidden expenses when you start remodeling. We are going to totally gut it and start over. I got a cute pedestal sink and toilet that are Victorian style, and a new tub and shower. We are going to start that project right after Christmas. I'm hoping it will only take a few weeks to complete, however I know it will probably take much longer.

I wish I could go down to Beki's for TG but I need some quiet time without the family so I can finish my work, however feel free to stop by on your way home Julie and Sibyl. I would like to see you guys. Everyone drive safe and have a great holiday.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes we can and we did!

I know that some of you who are reading this will totally disagree ,but Im so excited and happy that Obama was elected president. I usually think that politics are a snore, however this election was so ground breaking that I had no other choice but to be involved and take notice. Let's hope that Obama will honor his word and make great changes happen for our country. Josh is especially proud because when Obama came to Casper he went to the rally and got to shake Obama's hand.

Halloween was so fun, and warm. We finished trick or treating around 10pm and when we drove by the bank it said it was still 60 outside. Wow. I made the kids dress is layers, and made sure they all had gloves so they would be nice and warm, however by the end of the night they were all in one layer of clothing and the gloves were nowhere in site. I guess global warming does have it advantages. Check out the fun pictures from Halloween night.