Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Josh has decided to take a job in Colorado Spring, well out side of there in a town called Yoder. However Im a city girl and I have insisted that we live in or around Colorado Springs. You know I can't live without my nail salons, tanning salons, and malls. I have researched it and C.S has about 400,000 people there. Big change. We put our house on the Market yesterday. There is a big for sale sign in the front yard. We are sort of under pricing it because we need it to move fast. The worst thing will be having to make two house payments until this baby goes. Ive already looked at rentals on line in Colorado Springs and the market is very comparable to Casper, if not a little cheaper. We are already working with an agent down there to help us find something. Im a little heart broken because you all know the hard work that I have put into this house. It will be hard to leave my yard. Im looking forward to making new friends,(better quality people), and a fresh new start. Not looking forward to the traffic, Im so afraid to drive in Denver, and I heard people in Colorado Springs drive just as bad, but Im sure I will get acclimated in no time. I think that kids are very resilient and will adjust just fine. Hopefully if everything goes well Josh will be able to make 6 figures in 5 years or less with this new job, and it is already a big pay increase. So we would be crazy not to go. Plus I looked on line at the job market down there and saw that they have over 1000 job openings, which is great because Casper only has about 12. Hopefully my new degree will pay off down there. Either way Im excited yet terrified. We will be going down there to meet with Josh's new boss over labor day weekend, and checking out rentals also. So wish us the best of luck in our new endeavors.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back 2 School

First of all I want to say that Brenna's wedding was fabulous. She was so beautiful and her dress was to die for. Dusty seems great and I wish them all the luck in their new life together. It was great to see everyone and to meet everyone. I wish we had more gatherings like that, but Brookies wedding is just around the corner.

The kiddos started school today, what a busy morning we had. For the first time Mason has a male teacher. His name is Mr. Becker, he is such a nice guy and he is about seven feet tall. Peyton's teacher is a nice young lady, her name is eluding me at the moment, but she seems very sweet, and she has two young daughters who go to Paradise Valley elementary also. Im excited for Peyton, 4th grade was my favorite grade ever because we got to go to South Pass on a field trip and pan for gold. All of the class dressed up like cowboys and girls and we got our pictures in the paper. Plus I was the teachers pet, so that was a bonus. I am so going to volunteer to be a parent chaperon if she goes there for a field trip. Jayden was decked out in all his South Pole gear, skulls and all, along with his new piercing. What can I say, he's 14. God help us all.

Josh and I are both actively seeking jobs. He still has his job, but is miserable, and is ready for a change. So if you hear of anything good in your area let us know. We are so not above getting out of Casper, as a matter of fact we would love to get the hell out of here. So don't be shy, I don't care where you live, if you see anything substantial for work post it on the blog.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


OK so my diploma came in the mail today. It finally feels real to me that yes, I did this. I kept thinking I would get a letter from the registrar office saying our records indicate that you still need 25 credit hours to graduate. But its the real deal. Im so happy. OMG I went to a job interview today for the University of Wyoming Out Reach Center. It would be managing 25 people and an entire building. Needless to say I felt so under qualified that I wanted to sink into the the chair and turn into a puddle of mush and magically disappear. It was like no interview that I have ever gone to before. There were people on the TV, like a tele-conference with people from the UW in Laramie, and someone across town, plus 3 people in the interview room with me. I felt totally out of my element. But I handled it as professionally as possible. I think that the only way I would get that job is if everyone else some how came up with the swine flew and slipped into a coma. One can always hope, right. But on a the bright side, any interview I will have in the future will be a piece of cake after that monstrosity. It was very intimidating, but I did the best I could. Josh and I watched a meteor shower on Tuesday night. It was magnificent, and for ever star that fell I wished that I would get this job that I just interviewed for. Maybe the magic of the meteor shower will help me a little. I can't help but blog now that I have nothing else to do. Hope to see all of Josh's family at Brenna's big day. Peyton is excited to go the the wedding, but she refuses to dance with her dad unless she is compensated by cash. She has made this point abundantly clear. Were not saying that Josh is a bad dancer, but........we will see how much he has to drink at the reception and you all can judge for yourself. Drive safe everyone and we will see you soon.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009