Friday, October 9, 2009

Adjustment Disorder

Ok so maybe moving and getting away from it all is not as easy as I thought. I still love the house, however am starting to not like the white carpet. Yes White, who in in their right mind would want to have white carpet in their house. Maybe if you were like 110 years old and never had anyone visit, walk, eat, or anything than that wouldn't be so bad. That is the least of it all. I got the kids all in their new schools. Im not to thrilled with Peyton and Masons school. The whole Medicare thing is a nightmare, trying to transfer or get medical for the kids has not been easy and is still not happening. Such a head ache and stressful. Josh's insurance does not kick in for 6 months, and with Jayden's braces, that's another ordeal and a stress. Plus Alltel has been giving me the run around, because surprise there is no alltel store here in the Springs and Im constantly roaming even though Im on the national plan. Jayden's school is alright, big High School and im not complaining or saying that it is a bad thing but at his school he is the minority. Such diversity here, I think im in culture shock. Living most of my life in Wyoming where there is hardly any diversity and then coming here where there is everyone is going to take some getting use to. I like it and think it's cool and all I just need to learn Spanish, and Ebonics. LOL So there is a lot left to figure out. Im home sick, I don't do well with so many changes at once. It is all setting in now, this is my life now, this is where we live. I know we will be ok, its just hard right now.
Josh likes his job, but he commutes 2 hours a day, that is hard on him, He seems to be getting it all figured out and comfortable. He is going to do well there, and hopefully will bring home the big bucks. I already have many ideas about spending those bucks. After all that's what this is all about right, more money, new opportunities. New shopping for me, Gucci here I come. NOT. We have to sell that house in Casper, its going to be very cumbersome until we do. But a girl can still dream, can't I? I need to find a job, and something to do with the lil ones after school while we work. I need to make some friends, I love Josh and all but hes not the best listener, hes a man, enough said. So just a little lonely and frustrated, but I guess all that is to be expected when you rearrange your life.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Im Beat

Moving is sooo not fun. I remember back in the day I could have everything packed in 9o min and be gone. I was so unorganized with this move, I even left the entire silverware drawer behind. I had the flew, way bad, don't recommend it. So I spent three days in bed and before I knew it there was only two days to pack. What a cluster****. Anyway a crew came up and loaded it all up for us, even things that we didn't want packed, of course only one spoke broken English, so it was hard to communicate. But they were super efficient and they even drove the U-haul down here and my van. Josh, I and the kids came down the next day along with Kathy and James. They were so much help. We all worked our butts off. There are nick knacks, boxes, clothes, ect everywhere. Its a mess. However it is the most beautiful home that I have ever lived in. The back fence needs a little help as well as the yard. But Im in AWE and can't believe that this is actually my house, well rental, but mine for now. It is fabulous. I am so spoiled. I love love love it. However we have already had some issues with Comcast, the cable company, not sure what to do about that.
Josh drove all the way back up to Casper today to go get his last check. His old boss called him and said, You have been a great employee so I think that you deserve a severance package. Guess what, he got all the way up there and just got his ass chewed out and by Dick (names have been changed to protect the bastard) and no severance. Im so glad he is done with him, and we can move on to better and brighter tomorrows. I hope he remembers the silver ware drawer content this time. James and Kathy also left this morning so I have been working my ass of trying to get this place together while trying to deal with the kids. Who by the way were not very good today. Hopefully Josh will get back at a decent hour tomorrow so we can at least enrol the kids in school. But I may wait another week just to torture myself. There is just so much to do, and this traffic sucks here. It is going to take lot to adjust to for me. But Im sure in no time I will get use to it. So thats how its been so far. I have decided that I dont like moving, I put it up there with root canals and child birth, It sucks. But what a beautiful house. Some of the colors need changed but thats nothin but a thing for me. I love to paint. So there you go everyone, we made it, and it is a great city. Come see us soon family, well Beki anyway. The rest of you live way to far away.