Monday, June 8, 2009

Rain Rain go away, come again some other day.

Did I miss something??? I thought there was something called global warming going on. Hello Mother Nature its me Nikki, could you please let the sun come out to play for a little while? Perhaps the request will get a quicker response through syber space. It is 34 degrees out side right now, maybe the pool could double as an ice skating rink. What happened to summer? Im sorry you guys, I jinxed us by dragging out the pool. I'm afraid Ive doomed us all to perpetual winter. All the rain has been awesome for the yard and Jayden's mowing business. He is highly motivated to mow strangers yards for money. It's nice to see him doing something besides playing games all day long. He is such a good kid (knock on wood). A bit hairy, but I know under all that hair there is a good kid lurking somewhere. His friends at school have started calling him Sasquatch because of his hairiness. I remember just a few short years ago he would come home from school all upset because the kids would call him shrimp or midget. I guess he showed them because now a days there is nothing shrimpy or small about him. Not even his voice, he has the deepest voice Ive ever heard on a 14 year old.
I found Foxy a boy friend, he is a white pom just like Foxy, I hear the sound of puppies in the near future. Little, cute, white fuzy, $350 per puppy with cute puppy breath. If she only knew my plans for her. I can't wait. I love puppies.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer is here

I awoke this morning dark and early to find Mason already awake, and he had to tell everyone sleeping or not that summer is here. Summer starts today mom he cutely explained, because we have no school for a long long time. I bet Mrs. Pollock is going to miss me he said in his sweet little voice. I don't think that he could get much cuter, he is such a sweetie. Last weekend we put up the pool and wouldn't you know the minute we got it out of the shed it started to rain and hasn't quit since. I need to come up with some fun summertime activities quick so I can occupy these children and hopefully save what sanity I have left. We don't have many plans for this summer but to go to Brenna's wedding. I'm hoping that Josh and I will be able to have a little getaway without the kids sometime this summer. We so need it. I start my last class on the 8th, and in the mean time I've been looking for a job. I had a interview with Broker One, but I don't think I'm going to take that job, it's from 11 am to 8 p.m. and every weekend. I wouldn't get a day off or be able to see my family very often. I think that job would be perfect for me, but perhaps when the kids are a bit older or when I'm a bit older it would be better. I just can't see me missing everything with my kids to do that job. Plus the hours are way to much for someone with a young family. So the search is on for a 9-5. Im still awaiting your reservations with the kids this summer FAMILY. Don't be shy they don't bite, well not hard anyway.