Sunday, October 24, 2010


I wonder why we collect the things that we do? For example some collect hats, others bottle caps, even dead animal heads to hang on their walls. Yuck. I collect 3 things, sea shells, fairies, and snow men. So what does our choice of collector items say about us and why are we compelled to collect such things. No im not a hoarder either. So perhaps in my mind i live in fantasy land by a beach. LOL. Just going threw my things that have been in boxes for a year or more and wondering why I had to have all these things? Do they make me any happier? NO, are they pretty to look at yes, but in truth in years from now when Im gone, they will not matter to anyone, they will be in a landfill somewhere or remain in a box in the attic somewhere, or broke by my children's, children. So why do we collect. Even the Egyptians did it, but at least when they were entombed their things got to be with them and they could spend eternity with their things.till they were robbed or excavated. Ive heard the saying over and over the more you own the more you are owned by the things you own. What about the people who collect animals and weird thing like potato chips that look like celebrities or past presidents, not thats freaky! Just wondering if all our life experiences have to do with what we collect, or if its ingrained into our DNA, like our eye color, or mood dispositions, or features. Is all this pre-planned before we even know it? I guess beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, to use an old cliche, but a true one.

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